Military Head- View on Use of phone At Checkpoints.

Phone at military checkpoint.

Phone at military checkpoint.

In recent times in Nigeria, we have had several cases of people being asked not to make, pick up calls or use their cell phones while approaching any military checkpoint.

Military Chief Major General Mohammed Usman was faced with this question at the Channels TV sunrise daily of Monday 9th Dec 2019 where he was invited as a guest for the morning show.

Why does the military take this serious, by ensuring that nobody uses his/her cell phone at any checkpoint Nationwide?

In response, Chief of Civil-Military Affairs, Major General Mohammed Usman clearly stated ” that is how it ought to be and that it is wrong” because it poses security threats and might serve as a loophole in most cases.

The reason being that nobody knows who is actually at the other end of the call, it might be some planned action to cause mischief.

Also, the use of Cell phones at the checkpoint is a security measure that everyone needs to be aware of and that due to how cell phones work unknown to you it might trigger some certain devices that might not be known to you.

He also highlighted that this is a global phenomenon and not just something the Nigeria Military decided to come up with.

According to him those who have been privileged to travel outside the shores of the country are conversant with the fact that you do not make calls once you’re approaching or at a checkpoint.

If the nationals are conversant with this and then adhere to it, it would continue to foster the military-civilian relationship which already has been experiencing a drastic improvement in recent times.

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Although some people believe that this is a violation of Human rights, Major General Mohammed Usman strongly held that human rights are still very much its priority and that the military would never violate your rights.

He also said that the military pays attention to details and are working day in day out to ensure that crimes of Human right violations are curtailed.

There definitely have been cases where human rights might have been violated but he Clearly stated that military personnel are humans also and are part of the society.

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But if any case is reported and after thorough investigation and they are found guilty, there are penalties for every of such actions.

In conclusion, he highlighted that the military is ensuring that it educates each and every one of its personnel on matters relating to Violating civilians Human rights.

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