Electricity Employees (NUEE) set to resume strike action.


NUEE spokesperson made this known on Monday 16 December 2019.

The National Union of Electricity Employees has announced that in three months’ time if the Federal Government of Nigeria does not meet up with their earlier agreed terms, that they would embark on the continuation of the strike action they recently called off.

A mutual agreement was reached between the Union on behalf of its workers and the Federal Government, but the Secretary-General of the NUEE Joe Ajaero on the Monday morning briefing with TVC upheld that the FG Should adhere to Its own part of the agreement.

The basis for these is due to the dwindling rate of Electricity supply despite the recent change in power to the private sector.

He maintained the fact that you don’t expect the power sector to function in its full capacity when you do not build new power plants to aid the already existing once.

A part of the initial reason for the change in power to the private sector was because they promised to provide new power plants.

Mr. Joe Ajaero was not happy with the companies in charge of generating power. He believes that they are the prime problem which the nation is facing with respect to electricity generation and distribution.

Despite all their promises in the past, what they still work with was what was given to them by the previous public power(PHCN) and to the extent that the amount of power they generate currently is not even sufficient nor sustainable.

The nation has been faced with a power supply of 4000 megawatts since early 2000 but from then up until now the demand for electricity has increased far more than back then, but to our utmost surprise the private sector still operates in that jurisdiction without making provision to upgrade the system.

According to the spokesperson of the National Union of Electricity Employees NUEE, it takes about 3-4 years to complete a regular power plant but since the transfer of power, none has been constructed.

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Meaning that since at the moment there is no news about the construction of a single power station in any part of the nation, then there is no need expecting any in the coming years.

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The Union entered a 21 days ultimatum but it came to a conclusion with the FG and also the house of Reps was present as a witness and an agreement was reached.

So therefore unfailingly in 2-3 months’ time, the government might implement it’s part of our agreement otherwise we would resume the strike action.

He concluded that having Mediocres at the helm of affairs in anything would certainly bring that thing to ruin; because there would be no master plan to execute any problem or challenge it would be faced with.

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