Lagos Gridlock; Proposed plan for Trucks.

Lagos Gridlock

Lagos Gridlock

The Executive Governor of Lagos state Babajide Sanwo – Olu has proposed that the state would soon place restrictions on heavy-duty trucks (trailers) plying the roads during the day.

Lagos state is the major business hub of the country; it houses the ever-busy Apapa Port were the majority of import and export activities originates and in some cases terminates.

Due to this fact, Lagos Roads experience dreadful traffic both during the day or peck hours of (5 am- 12 pm) and in the evening usually between (4 pm-12midnight) causing a lot of loss to the state financially and also emotionally to road users.

The decision of restricting trailers to night movement was made known when representatives from the Nigerian Breweries Plc the major distributors of drinks (alcohol and non-alcoholic) serving the country and owning a large number of fleets using the Road visited him on Monday 25th November 2019.

Although over the years the state government has been trying to push this trucks out of those axis linking to the port especially Iganmu, Orile and mile 2 but over time it has proved abortive because these truck drivers prefer to park along the roadside waiting for their turn to get access into the port.

The Governor proposed that new policies would be formulated soonest to facilitate Logistics activities in the state which ultimately would focus on placing restrictions to trucks on scheduled time to have access to the road.

So as to reduce Lagos Gridlock that usually encroaches into other parts of roads in the state.

Due to the increase in time spent in traffic, Lagos residents have been soliciting to the Government to construct new roads, but the government believes that if the available roads can be effectively managed that such traffic reoccurrences would be contained to a reasonable extent.

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He also highlighted that this new policy would definitely be hard on some people but that free movement and traffic flow is crucial to maintain continuous growth and development of the state.

” Things that can’t move during the day, we can place restriction on them to night movement, so as to free up traffic all around the places”

Governor Babajide Sanwo – Olu

This same policy is what is predominant in Imo state.

With the current rainfall in the state and the bad nature of the roads, it has also contributed to heavy traffic in most Lagos roads.

Lagos Gridlock

And Lagos residents hold the belief that if you get a job in the state, that Lagos Gridlock could still take the job away from you.

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