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ICPC Integrity Award

The ICPC Integrity award is an award that is presented to Nationals who merits them by exhibiting acts that diminish corruption.

The independent corrupt practices and other related offenses (ICPC) whose primary responsibility is to unveil any form of gross abuse of palpable budget of the nation in Federal Ministries, departments and other Agencies (MDAs).

It was created as a result of the daily mismanagement and looting of funds in most of the federal agencies in the nation.

But it would interest you to know that!!!

During the independent corrupt practices and other related offenses (ICPC) National summit which focuses on ‘‘diminishing corruption in the public sector’’.

The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari alongside the Chairman of the (ICPC) Professor Bolaji Owasanoye presented awards of integrity to two deserving citizens of the nation.

The ICPC Integrity award which was organized by the office of the secretary to the Government of the Federation in conjunction with ICPC to;

1. Mrs. Josephine Ugwu

2. ACG Bashir Abubakar

Mrs. Josephine Ugwu

Who once worked as a cleaner at the ever-busy Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA) in Lagos.

An airport that oversees a turnout of over 3,000 persons daily both on arrival and departure.

But during Mrs. Josephine Ugwu’s process of discharging her daily duties, she came across millions of naira belonging to a traveler.

And instead of making away with the money to better her life as a lot would have thought, she decided to report the missing money to the appropriate authority.

And the money eventually returned to the rightful owner.

ICPC Integrity award

The ICPC integrity award was presented by the president to Mrs. Josephine Ugwu for the exemplary and patriotic actions she portrayed.

ACG Bashir Abubakar

An assistant comptroller- General of the Nigerian customs who despite all odds rejected a bribe of $142,000 US dollar.

This came after the ban of tramadol into Nigeria.

Due to the already high demand for the content by youths and addicts who abuse the drug, importers (drug traffickers) wanting to remain in business offered ACG Bashir Abubakar cut/ percentage offer per container of the drugs that would come into the country.

A total sum of 40 containers was already on the ground to get access to the country on his order.

But ACG Bashir Abubakar bluntly turned down the offer.

Bearing in mind the adverse effect this drug has on those that abuse it.

He also got the award directly from the president.

Just as the popular saying goes ‘‘a good name is better than riches’’.

ICPC Integrity Awards

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And for us to make Nigeria great once again we ought to display exemplary lifestyles in all our affairs in our day to day living that is worth emulation by others.

And our future generation would be proud of the Nigeria we’ve committed into their hands.

In light of this, Professor Bolaji Owasanoye said he is optimistic that a lot which was discussed in the two- day summit would definitely lead to an increased improvement in cutting down aberrant misappropriation of the Nations fund and activities that trigger corruption in the country.

He also assured the nation that if the government would accept its proposed desire, that the ICPC would ensure they dive into action of recovering a lot of diverted funds, ensure they monitor activities in all MDAs and also they don’t mind going public with the names of anybody or institution that defaults Government policies with respect to funds meant for the Nation.

Finally, he recommended that diversion or non-payment or remittance of tax, pension, various insurance or other statutory deduction should attract outright dismissal of the defaulting agencies head and likely prosecution if found guilty by the law.

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