FG laments – Thefts of Railway infrastructure

Lagos - Ibadan rail track.

Lagos – Ibadan rail track.

The Federal government of Nigeria through the Managing director (MD/CE) of the Nigerian Railway corporation Mr. Fidet Okhiria has made public the continuous theft of clips and bolts and nuts on rail tracks.

This petty theft has been going on on the Lagos – Ibadan rail track.

On this track linking Lagos-Ibadan passing through other corridors has witnessed a lot of theft of about 10,000 bolts and nuts and nothing less than 5,000 clips and the FG has been seeing that it is replaced.

Although it may sound a little if it is continued over time it would become a major problem.

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Any single bolt or clips not properly placed or not in position on the rail track could result in devastating outcomes.

Lagos - Ibadan rail track.
Sample Image of a Rail Track

He also stated that they are aware of the number of passengers a train carry and vandalization of infrastructure on the rail track is not what people in the country ought to indulge in.

Because this singular act exposes the lives of those on board in grave danger.

Fidet Okhiria also stated that there are plans by the government in the next three years to extend this rail track already Linking Lagos and Ibadan towards Kano.

All this would help to reduce the workload on our roads.

Lagos – Ibadan rail track.

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